Apple WWDC 2015 Summary

With the Woldwide Developers Conference 2015 (WWDC 2015) happening, there are quite a few new and exciting software improvements offered by Apple. Two of the main subject at this year’s conference are the introduction of the Apple Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and iOS 9.

Apple OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Features are exciting and definitely live up to Apple expectations. Some of the new gestures for Mail include the Mailbox style swiping, that allow you to mark as new or delete. Safari also now offers users the ability to pin tabs inside the browser, providing a dedicated slot on the interface’s left side and having them pre-loaded when the browser is reopened.

Apple OS X 10.11 El CapitanAnother feature offered with this update is the natural language processing offered by Spotlight. You can search for specific things in your apps that are completely customized to you. However, Apple has also made a move to some Windows features, such as being able to drag the windows to the sides of the desktop that will auto-fill on the side, helping to resize the windows so they fill the unused space.

The surprise of this latest update is the fact that the Metal API provides faster graphics performance for iOS devices, which are going to be included with the OS X. Apple has claimed that it brings up to 10 times the performance on the desktop.

Apple iOS 9

The improvements for the Mac were not all that were highlighted at the conference. iOS 9 offers a number of enhancements that will make day-to-day use easier and more efficient. The apps are now created to allow you to multitask on your iPad, in turn making it even more productive. Siri is now capable of more than ever and offers proactive suggestions that will help you get things completed prior to even asking. Other improvements have increased battery life, as well as security with your Apple device. Some of the specific features include:

  • Apple iOS 9New apps on the home screen that collect the stories you want to read
  • Use the Notes app in new ways, including to create a sketch with your finger
  • Add photos to your notes
  • Maps offer transit views and nearby selections
  • Apple pay now offers payment options for Discover cards and various store credit cards

With the latest offerings from Apple, you will find that you hav a better way to do virtually everything. This ensures you get the highest levels of productivity from your devices.

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