Why are Application Updates Critical?

Why are Application Updates Critical?

What are Updates?

What makes a computer the most useful invention in our life? These days, there are hundreds and thousands of applications that let you do a million different things. Today, an average computer user has 75 different applications installed on their device, from a wide variety of 30+ companies. Assuming that a given application gets a new update every 2 weeks, that is a whopping 150 application updates per month! This huge number gives ample room for the user not to update an application, which is a pressing issue.

What Can Happen?

When a program or application is outdated, it causes a variety of issues. First of all, it puts stress on your computer’s performance and functionality, often causing the computer to slow down or hang. Next, it is a huge threat to security and a thriving environment for hackers to jump in. This is especially true for applications that provide security and safety. Antivirus software frequently require “definition updates”. Definition updates are information on new malware threats and viruses. If the antivirus software isn’t being updated, it doesn’t have any idea about newer threats, and hence, can’t protect the computer as well.

Data and Reports

The number one application that hasn’t been updated to the latest version is iTunes. iTunes is a software by Apple used for managing Apple devices (iPods, iPads, and iPhones), as well as managing and purchasing media like music or books. A shocking 55% of iTunes users didn’t have their application updated to the latest version. Other software include Java (Oracle), Adobe Photoshop (Adobe), and various Microsoft software.

How to Eliminate Potential Issues

The easiest way to eliminate this problem is by updating every application whenever a new update comes out. This way, there is little to no room for functionality inhibitions or malware threats. However, each company and software has its own method of downloading and installing updates and often is a pain to do. Imagine if you had to install 150 updates a month manually! At Endless Technology Solutions, we have the software and tools to update your applications automatically, without you having to lift a single finger. For a flat rate charge, we can setup all your major applications on your computer to be auto-updated stress and worry free. For more information call us at 619-400-7581 or email us today!