Does your business have a backup plan for your critical company data?

backupIf not, you could be putting your company’s customer and employee data at risk, costing you thousands of dollars in lost sales for each day your system in down. Endless Technology Solutions strongly recommends that you create a data recovery plan to be able to quickly recover from natural disasters and unforeseen negative events.

When you become a member of our Managed Services group, you will be able to confidently conduct your business knowing that there is a backup plan in place and ready to be put into action in an emergency. Everything from network servers to PC backup is covered with our combination of onsite and online technology services. This includes every device that stores potentially critical business information.

Minimize Downtime with a reliable Backup system

Many businesspeople do not realize the difficulty and time that is required to recover from a negative system event. There is not only the data to be restored, but also hardware systems need to be checked and then the entire system reconfigured. Without a backup plan prepared, the recovery could take days – possibly even weeks.

Your entire system requires a complete evaluation, everything from PC backup to data backup to hardware recovery analysis. Endless Technology Solutions has been serving San Diego business for years, ready to help recovery from disasters. Each month our Managed services clients are provided with an assessment of their backup system both onsite and offsite. This guarantees we will be able to be prepared if or when the time comes.

Why risk a complete loss of data and a paralyzed business operation when you can contact us at 619-400-7581 or contact us online to get the details and begin constructing your data recovery plan today? A glance at the news events happening around the world will show you the importance of having a PC backup and disaster recovery plan in place.


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