Best Small Business Anti-Virus of 2013

Best Small Business Anti-Virus of 2013

Which Small Business Anti-Virus is the best for your company?

If your small business has its own server that functions as a database of information, it is important to make sure that information is protected. A great way to assure this is to have a small business Anti-Virus software. Although, not all small business Anti-Virus programs are equal, some are loaded with important features while others may be lacking in features that you need in order to be fully protected. One feature that is growing in importance is cell phone virus protection. As companies begin to use smart phones more and more for business functions like checking email or viewing important documents, it’s important to have an Anti-Virus program that is includes a strong mobile protection as well. The 5 Anti-Virus programs listed below will show a range of products that differ in features, pricing and protection.

McAfee SaaS Total Protection

Small Business Anti-VirusMcAfee’s small business Anti-Virus protection has features like essential Anti-Malware protection, Email protection, and built-in network protection. But they lack any mobile protection with that service. The interface of the software, however, is simple to use and gives you a basic overview state of all of your computers.  Although, the protection you do get from McAfee is very low compared to any other Anti-Virus on this list blocking only 42% of malicious programs from getting onto your computer. McAfee will also continuously ask permission to just about every program, including such basic programs like Internet Explorer.  So when deciding if you want to use McAfee, you have to decide whether control is more important than detection. If so, McAfee provides some of the strictest protection available for your small business.


Avast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus

Avast Small Business Anti-VirusAvast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus is complete with File Server and Email Server protection as well as all of the standard features such as Anti-Spam, Firewall, Workstation protection, and Remote Management. These features keep all aspects of your small business protected with the exception of your mobile devices.  There are also nifty extra components to the software like being able to send an update to all computers via SMTP (email) protocol which makes updating Avast simple and consistent between the computers on your network.  Avast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus can also prevent viruses from reaching your Email Server Database server, as well as an Intrusion Detection System for all network traffic. The interface that you use to overlook these functions couldn’t be simpler with the ability to add new skins and layouts to make the software more comfortable to use. With the variety of protection you have at your disposal and the amount of extra features that make the software more efficient, Avast can be a great tool for your small business.


Webroot SecureAnywhere Business

Webroot Small Business Anti-VirusWebroot is a bit different from the traditional small business Anti-Virus by utilizing a cloud-based protection service with their Webroot Intelligence Network. Basically making the software run via a network connection, and still be able to remove any virus that appears on the computer. Thereby, making universal software that doesn’t have to worry about updating machine-specific code which means more up-to-date protection for all of your computers. Along with that is the installed software that is able to roll the computer back if you are offline. Something to mention is that Webroot only works with Windows workstations and servers and doesn’t work with Mac or Linux and has no mobile functionality.


ESET NOD 32 Anti-Virus Business Edition

ESET Small Business Anti-VirusESET is another great small business Anti-Virus that includes all of the important features that you’d expect, but also includes mobile phone security that can block unwanted calls and has a built-in Anti-Theft feature that tracks missing devices. Note that there is no iPhone support. The bulk of Anti-Virus features is included as well as cloud-powered scanning and a minimal system-impact antispyware protection for your email and file servers. To top it off, the software works across all Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, virtual machines, and smartphones. All while being able to access most of the software’s functions remotely.


Bitdefender Small Business Pack

BitDefender Small Business Anti-VirusBitdefender Small Business Pack is a great Anti-Virus software if you don’t have a file server or mail server to worry about. It is one of the best at detecting viruses and has many features that help prevent them like a two-way firewall, antiphising, data filters, and even device anti-theft which is similar to ESET’s mobile feature (note that device anti-theft doesn’t work with iPhones). The goal of this program is that once it is on your computers, you don’t have to worry about maintaining it. Every function is performed in the background and leaves all computers functioning without any slowdown.  If you are a small business owner who doesn’t have an email and/or file server to worry about and want a silent Anti-Virus that won’t interrupt workflow, then you might want to give Bitdefender Small Business Pack a try.



With all of the small business antivirus programs having similar functions it may be hard to decide which is best for your business needs. Although, if what you are looking for is the best antivirus filled with features that protects everything from your servers to your endpoint computers and even your business smartphones, then I strongly recommend ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus Business Edition. ESET may be the most robust and diverse small business Anti-Virus software on the market. Take a look at our anti-virus products or contact us today, 619-400-7581.