Reasons for Slow WiFi and How to Fix It.

Free ways to fix slow WiFi We all get frustrated with our phone that moment it takes more than a couple of seconds to open any application. The frustration goes a notch higher when it’s your browser, meaning that your internet connection has gone slow. Before you go online to look for new phones and betray your old model, check out these options that might be responsible for your slow internet. You’re far away from the router The most overlooked reason for the slow speed of your internet could be the location of your router. The WiFi usually has a…

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Why are Application Updates Critical?

What are Updates?

What makes a computer the most useful invention in our life? These days, there are hundreds and thousands of applications that let you do a million different things. Today, an average computer user has 75 different applications installed on their device, from a wide variety of 30+ companies. Assuming that a given application gets a new update every 2 weeks, that is a whopping 150 application updates per month! This huge number gives ample room for the user not to update an application, which is a pressing issue. (more…)

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Phishing: Awareness and Protection

Email Phishing is at an All Time High

Phishing is increasingly becoming one of the most common data and identity breach focused attacks that continue to affect a large number of Internet users. The number of phishing attacks attempted in 2016 surpassed any number that has ever been seen before.

Phishing, essentially, is a system-orientated attack that is geared toward stealing sensitive data such as login information, credit card numbers, and contact information. Most phishing scams are designed to appear as normal system activities or Internet webpages, and as a result, the victims most of the time aren’t even slightly aware that there could be something suspicious going on. (more…)

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Ransomware is getting worse. Get Protected.

Ever since the dawn of the Internet ‘era’, cyber attacks have been a threat to nations, businesses, and even the average home-user. These attacks can come in all types of forms such as adware, bloatware, keyloggers, and Trojans. Each of these have numerous types and each have specific functions to affect the user. One of cyber-security’s biggest antagonist today is the malware known as Ransomware. (more…)

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Solarwinds Acquires LOGICnow

You are most likely not aware of the fact that the company, Solarwinds has recently acquired LOGICnow. If you have yet to hear this good news we are proud to be the ones to bring this to your attention. We are currently at the stage of incorporating their products into the N-Central and N-Able family. As a matter of fact LOGICnow’s backup solution is currently available. In the near future we will be releasing the Risk Assessment tool. Our engineers are hard at work updating the software. Fortunately they have an excellent foundation in which to build from. We are…

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Top Ten Things to Know Before Hiring an IT Consultant

IT consultants are some of the most important individuals that massive organizations can hire today. People need to make sure that they’re hiring the right individuals. Knowing the right things about prospective IT consultants can make all the difference in the world. Endless Technology Solutions is able to satisfy all of these requirements, helping people with cloud solutions, IT services, and many other digital services. Endless Technology Solutions works closely with clients in order to ensure that everything is running smoothly before the process has even begun. 1. Know their past and current clients. IT consultants who are reputable enough…

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Microsoft Dupes Users Into Windows 10

Microsoft has been anxiously trying to update users to Windows 10. Anyone who has a previous version of Windows such as windows 8.1 or lower has probably noticed the nonstop pop up asking you to upgrade to the latest version of Windows Microsoft has to offer. Carelessly closing out of the box prior to reading it will result in an automatic update to your operating system or OS as the kids call it nowadays. 1. Backstory Now this is not the first time we have seen Microsoft’s trickery here, when Windows 10 made its debut, new users and Microsoft enthusiasts…

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How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack

Cyber attacks have become very common on the Internet. Anyone is vulnerable to a cyber attack with or without reason. Cyber attacks aren’t always for the accumulation of personal data, nor are they always meant to turn a profit. For some unfortunate individuals, cyber attacks can be just “something to do” on the weekend. For this reason, it’s imperative every Internet user takes the appropriate action to keep themselves out of harms way with a few simple steps. (more…)

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