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Importance of a Secure File-Sharing Platform

When it comes to small businesses, a tightly knit team with good communication and teamwork is key. However, even the perfections of these teams need effective supporting software and tools that help them out almost constantly everyday. In the business world, many rely on secure and quick access to...

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DNS Protection Vital for Businesses

Introduction  Technology is ever-prevalent in today’s world. Even more so, small and large businesses alike rely on technology, internet, and a variety of software to get their work done. Taken granted by most people, specifically the internet, we often overlook at exactly how intricate the internet really is. Most...

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New Location in Central San Diego!

Our goal at Endless Technology Solutions is to provide excellent customer-centric IT services to as many people as possible. We think that IT setup, troubleshooting, and management should be made easy, problem-free, and simple, which we strive for in our daily tasks. To serve more businesses and residents, we...

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New Discount Offers!

  We here at Endless Technology Solutions work hard on a daily basis to give the highest level of customer-centric IT services we can provide. With that in mind, we are unveiling our newest way of thanking our existing and new customers with brand new discounts: Military – 20% off Student –...

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Why are Application Updates Critical?

What are Updates? What makes a computer the most useful invention in our life? These days, there are hundreds and thousands of applications that let you do a million different things. Today, an average computer user has 75 different applications installed on their device, from a wide variety of 30+ companies....

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Phishing: Awareness and Protection

Email Phishing is at an All Time High Phishing is increasingly becoming one of the most common data and identity breach focused attacks that continue to affect a large number of Internet users. The number of phishing attacks attempted in 2016 surpassed any number that has ever been seen...

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Ransomware is getting worse. Get Protected.

Ever since the dawn of the Internet ‘era’, cyber attacks have been a threat to nations, businesses, and even the average home-user. These attacks can come in all types of forms such as adware, bloatware, keyloggers, and Trojans. Each of these have numerous types and each have specific functions...

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