Importance of a Secure File-Sharing Platform

When it comes to small businesses, a tightly knit team with good communication and teamwork is key. However, even the perfections of these teams need effective supporting software and tools that help them out almost constantly everyday. In the business world, many rely on secure and quick access to important and confidential documents. Therefore, security is of paramount importance when picking a file sharing system.

It’s safe to say that most file-sharing solutions have their roots in the cloud. It allows businesses (and other organizations) to collaborate, share, and edit documents across multiple devices, operating systems, and platforms. Generally, a cloud solution is used for multiple things such as email and/or hosting productivity suites, but file-sharing is the most vital.

Many cloud solutions also offer applications that are designed for collaboration, meaning that your team can create, edit, and work on documents and communicate at the same time. In Google G-Suite’s Google Drive, you can edit many different type of documents along with an internal chat interface to talk to the other contributors. In addition, it saves the files in real-time, every time there is a change so the always and most-updated version is updated on the server.

The only question that remains is how to manage security for your cloud server. Since you’re storing your data in a cloud-based format online, you run the risk of hackers and user error bringing your business to its knees. Surprisingly, however, most file-sharing systems are relatively secure and have good protection from outside attacks. A lot of the times the main threats do not come from a direct external attack or source, but inside users. User error is the highest cause for data breaches, as they can accidentally expose files to dangerous circumstances or hand over credentials without realizing it. Therefore, the biggest security importance is to implement a system where your files aren’t being exposed to more threats the necessary.

The amount of control you have over the user access and security depends on what type of cloud service provider you use. A public cloud can provide basic file storage but limited-to-no security. If you are a financial or health organization especially, going for a cheap alternative will cost you in the long run. Private, more costly providers usually have a very secure system, but however require a lot more management of endpoints and maintenance.

Endless Technology Solutions are experts when it comes to file security, because we know how painful it can be to lose a very crucial file. If you want to get the most out of your file-sharing cloud service, you will need expert technicians who are monitoring and actively protecting your cloud server 24/7. Call us today for more information!


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