iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3

iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Apple has announced the release of their flagship tablet, the brand new iPad Pro in November 15.The tablet looks promising in terms of specifications and Apple fans are looking forward to it without a doubt.

iPad Pro’s biggest competitor is undoubtedly Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. Promising to be as fast as the Macbook and even better, Microsoft’s Surface Pro line stands out. So, which one’s the better option when you’re looking for a tablet for your business?ipad pro vs ms surface


As far as the screen size is concerned, the iPad Pro offers a 8% bigger screen than Surface Pro 3 and has a 12.9 inch Retina Display. The screen is also sharper with a resolution of 2732 x 2048.


Solely from the business perspective, iPad Pro fares better than the Surface Pro 3. For one, it features a 12.9-inch display that makes it a perfect tool for productivity. There is also the Apple A9X system chip with iPad Air styling that makes it really lightweight, as light as an iPad.

iPad Pro comes preloaded with iWork, which comes handy during presentations, projects and meetings. Surface Pro 3, on the other hand, comes with a limited period free trial of MS Office and the users have to buy the full version. The absence of a micro SD slot on the iPad Pro can be a little bit of a problem.

Camera and Color Options

iPad Pro comes with more colour options than Surface Pro 3.It is thinner as well as lighter, inspite of its bigger size. The iPad Pro is equipped with 8MP + 1.2MP lens while the Surface Pro 3 comes with 5MP + 5MP lens. There are no Flash options with both the Surface Pro 3 and the iPad Pro

Memory Options

Surface Pro 3 surely gains an advantage in terms of memory storage, and you can choose one from 16GB to 512 GB. There are different memory options available as well, from 4 to 8 GB.

The iPad Pro, however has a maximum memory capacity of 128 GB and doesn’t support memory cards. To make up for the bit higher cost, iPad Pro comes with an additional keyboard and also the newly introduced Apple Pencil.

What Should be your Choice?

If you require a decent business tablet with good storage capacity, better security features (Finger print Scanner) and a cool work environment tool, iPad Pro is the one to look out for. Surface Pro 3, other than having a larger storage capacity, doesn’t really offer something extra. If you’re having trouble picking the right tablet for your business you feel free to contact us online or give us a call at 619-400-7581 with any questions.

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