1. I will strive for excellence in the IT profession by continuously increasing my own knowledge and skills. Aside from my employers resources, I acknowledge that there are many free resources, articles, and books that are available and there is no excuse nor limits to your ability to stay knowledgeable in modern information technology.
  2. I will demonstrate my performance through leadership, projects, and additional educational programs, and will encourage others to do the same.
  3. When faced with a task beyond my skills or experience I will not hesitate to ask for guidance when the challenge presents itself. I will ask others for professional advice and learn from their personal experiences. Each challenge is a new opportunity to grow my skills. When I am asked for assistance, I will respond cooperatively and help others learn through personal knowledge.
  4. I will strive to share the knowledge I have achieved so everyone contributes to each-others success.
  5. With my knowledge, I will teach others willingly with Industries Best Practices. I will strive to be as honest and helpful as possible.
  6. For no reason will I seek private interests at the expense of end users, clients, customers, or my employer.
  7. My user rights, technical knowledge, and permissions are only to fulfill the responsibilities assigned by my employer and to benefit the company, clients and customers.
  8. If I notice any signs, circumstances, or actions that may lead to potential conflicts I will notify my employer immediately.
  9. I will not steal.
  10. Kickbacks and Bribery will be rejected and reported.
  11. I will report illegal activities without respect to the punishments involved. Lying, cheating, or stealing will not be accepted to achieve success.


  1. I will not maliciously harm others reputation, property or employment by false accusations.
  2. I will not use my resources for unfair personal gain
  3. I will distinguish between analysis and opinion while performing the responsibilities assigned.
  4. I will comply with Industry Best Practices while fulfilling my obligations.
  5. I am required to report all warnings and system vulnerabilities that might result in undesirable outcomes.
  6. Intellectual property rights are highly respected and credit will be given where it is due.
  7. I will carefully document my tasks according to the IT playbook in order to avoid confusion in the future.


  1. I respect the privacy of my co-workers and will not circumvent it for personal desire.
  2. I will obtain permission before compromising company or personal privacy.
  3. I respect human dignity and the right of confidentiality to my employer, clients and customers.
  4. I will respect the rights of others, and not trespass on their offenses.
  5. I will not participate in any form of discrimination of any kind.

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