IT for Small Businesses with Windows Phone 8

IT for Small Businesses with Windows Phone 8

When Microsoft announced its latest new feature smartphone the Windows Phone 8 at the end of October 2012, it stunned a waiting audience with some of its state of the art features. The Windows Phone 8 is fully customizable so each phone will suit to its personal owner. The new lock screen function allows you to continue seeing a Facebook photo or image of your choice and feeds, such as the latest cricket score or tennis results will continue to update even though the screen is locked.



The Sky Drive facility is an excellent tool that helps to bond your operating system (Windows 8) with your smartphone (Windows Phone 8). The SkyDrive facility literally helps to shift files easily between the two platforms. It’s a great way of backing up your photos, videos and any documents and folders created, particularly if you are in a small business.[frame align=”right”]SkyDrive Logo[/frame]

Small Business

[frame align=”left”]Skype Logo[/frame]Small businesses can really benefit from Windows Phone 8 as it provides a host of IT services and cloud computing. In a similar way to which laptops, servers, desktops and tablets all link to cloud computing, the new smartphone does so in style. Microsoft has updated Windows Phone 8 to use the SkyDrive cloud computing server. This allows several gigabytes of storage to be safely locked away on a server accessible only to you. This is a very handy platform for small businesses to use when the data storage gets too large for its own servers.

Xbox & Apps

The Windows Phone 8 also integrates the X Box Music system and local music features too. It should provide thousands of free tracks which can be available on any of your platforms thanks to the use of the cloud computing functions. There are other apps that have been integrated with the Windows Phone 8; the inclusion of Facebook and Twitter, both fully optimized to use on the phone and another big name coming on board shortly is PayPal.

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With so many advantages of the new Windows 8 Phone it may be worth the learning curve for some businesses to adopt. We look forward to these new integrations and helping anyone who may need IT services.