IT Management 101: How Avoiding a Network Disaster Can Save You Money

it managementLet’s face the facts, IT Management is expensive. It’s not something just anyone can do- you definitely need to have the know-how to get your network up and running properly and it’s confusing to everyone involved when it’s not done right. There are a myriad of steps, habits, and good practices that must be followed to ensure that an IT network works properly, hour after hour, day after day- and it’s up to us to guarantee that it’s all done properly, in a way that works to save you time and money.

Proper IT Management

It is our job to encourage clients to get the proper network support to guarantee that their networks are programmed and diagrammed properly- not just for our services, but for the client’s pocketbook.

Imagine you’re in a sales position, and you’re not keeping track of how you’re selling products, and what you need to re-order- you’d be in a pretty sticky situation, right? The same is true for diagramming your network, it solves problems before there are issues because it minimizes confusion for technicians who need to understand what went wrong, and are bound to be confused when they start working on your projects.

It’s an understatement to say that people are typically under-prepared, but in some situations the approach that people take to their network is simply atrocious. We’ve spent over 16 hours rerouting a network, finding all the information that we needed to work on, and figuring out how everything runs- and all that time ends up costing you money.

Here are a few facts to chew on when you’re hiring IT Management:

  • Networks are extremely difficult to troubleshoot, without data helping the IT team figure out exactly what’s wrong. There can be unexpected devices that we can’t see causing problems, that should have been mapped out before we ever got started.
  • It’s fine to hide cords and run cords through walls, but you HAVE to know where they’re all going so that we aren’t tracing them and racking up your bill- because we want to solve your problem as efficiently as possible.
  • Configuration designs, troubleshooting, and diagramming is a nightmare for ANYONE but the person who established the design for your network in the first place, and even they can forget all the details.

To help our technicians save you money, make an IT network diagram that highlights all of the wiring in your network, and make an excel document called your “IT Playbook” that has each device that has been installed on your network (including the software) and any other relevant information available for a technician coming to work on a system they’ve never seen before- because no two Networks are designed the same.

We understand that your hands are tied and you’re busy working- but we HAVE to have all the information in one place to save you the cash you deserve. Instead of taking a stance that you haven’t got time to map out your network, understand that you haven’t got the time to NOT map out your network.

Have a network administration professional diagram your existing network for us before we arrive on the scene to guarantee that everything is mapped out properly. Not only will it help us get your home or business back online faster, it saves you money in the long run – trust us. Call us today at 619-400-7581 or contact us online for more information.

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