help desk supportEndless Technology Solutions offers help-desk support to all of our customers to provide a fast response. We have found this as one of our most valuable tools because it allows us to work on your network or computer when we are not in the way. Many times our help-desk support with remote access on to your computer gives the user a much more interactive and easier environment to learn in.

Over the years we have constantly been improving our internal procedures and software that makes help-desk support so successful. Our Zendesk ticketing system allows customers to view their current tickets and submit a new request 24/7. Our monthly maintenance packages with Help-desk support offer the perfect outsourced IT solution for your business no matter what the size is. We offer many different options when it comes to remote help-desk support.

Our remote service software is completely secure so we do not compromise network security.

Help-Desk support options

  1. Instant Remote Support – We are able to direct you to one of our websites that can allow us to access your computer immediately. One of our IT specialists can solve your problems today.
  2. Business Help-Desk Support – Our clients have access to our Zendesk ticketing system, and receive 24 hour monitoring. This provides great pro-active support to prevent problems that could show up later.
  3. Instant Remote Support and Coaching – This is one of our help-desk services where our clients can gain a large amount of knowledge. When using remote support software we are able to control your mouse and computer while we are live on the phone with you. This comes great when trying to setup a new website, put a new signature in your email address, or anything else you want to know how to do.

Call us today at (619) 400-7581 for more help-desk support options.