Network Security is essential to San Diego Businesses

network securityIs business networking support needed in your business? Network Security is one of the most essential tools in securing your company data. Cyber crime and Internet hackers are on the rise and threaten businesses through Trojan viruses, spyware, and even Spam email messages.

If your business is constantly browsing and utilizing the Internet daily then network security software should be installed and maintained in order to prevent harmful events. The more employees and the more Internet traffic that your business has the more venerable it is to security intrusions.

Endless Technology Solutions is able to provide IT consulting in San Diego on your network and advise how to properly defend against harmful threats while browsing the Internet.

Some of our proud partners that help protect against Malware, viruses, and security intrusions are Malwarebytes and ESET.

How do business networks become infected?

Nearly 24 hours a day the security of networks can be infected through hackers, and Trojan horses. While employees and workstation users are browsing the Internet malware may infect computers through websites that are infected, emails can contain viruses that can infect your network, and employees can accidentally install programs with malicious software into your network. Each of these things will threaten your network security.

What is the best way to achieve network security?

One thing to keep in mind while setting up your network security is to make sure that you do not have conflicting firewalls. Firewalls can be utilized through hardware and software security. Many routers will contain a hardware firewall which would provide an internet gateway that protects against malicious software. Security software suites provide protection directly on computers and workstations. These are more used for anti-spyware, Spam protection, content filters, and internet browser tracks erasers that can protect you as well. Endless Technology Solutions recommends one hardware firewall and a software security suite in order to best protect your network.

Malicous software code and internet websites threaten network security daily. Endless Technology Solutions can provide your business with the security it needs to stay protected and avoid these common mistakes.

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