Malwarebytes for Mac OS X Free Home Edition Released

Malwarebytes for Mac OS X Free Home Edition Released

Malwarebytes for Mac is now available for free to home users. Malwarebytes is one of the most popular malware removal tools used by many computer technicians, and will be available for business users later this year. You can fill out a contact form and Malwarebytes will contact you when the business tool is released.

Malwarebytes is a lightweight, on-demand malware and adware removal tool. For a long time this tool has been used on Windows PCs to remove malware and viruses from users PC’s including, Vimeo, VSearch, Conduit, and more. Now one of the most useful tools for computer technicians is available for Mac also.

Getting Started with Malwarebytes for Mac

Malwarebytes for Mac is available for free to home users and can be downloaded directly from their website. Once the tool is downloaded on your Mac go ahead and open the .DMG file. Once this is done you will want to drag the Malwarebytes icon into the Applications folder, and open the program. A small dialogue box will open notifying you that this is the first time you are running this application, so go ahead and allow the application to run and you should see a screen similar to below.

malwarebytes for mac

Once you have opened Malwarebytes for Mac it is very simple to use. Go ahead and press the scan button to begin scanning your computer. The other two buttons will open an internet page with more information to help you. Once you have clicked “Scan”, Malwarebytes for Mac will scan your system quickly and display any results. A quick system scan on our first Mac showed us that we have the application Spigot with some traces in our system.

malwarebytes for mac

Once Malwarebytes for Mac has detected malware traces, they can be removed by pressing the “Remove Selected Items” button, and you may be prompted to restart your computer to remove the malware if necessary.

malwarebytes for Mac

Upon the second time opening the Malwarebytes for Mac program, you will be prompted to check for automatic updates. You will want to go ahead and allow those automatic updates so that your malware program always has the latest updates. Malwarebytes for Mac also informs you that your browser settings could be altered and provides steps on how to fix your browser.

If you have any more questions on how to remove malware from your computer, or any other Apple Services feel free to call us at 619-400-7581 or contact our experienced Apple Technicians online for same-day service.

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