Microsoft Office 2016 has Arrived!

Microsoft Office 2016 has Arrived!

As you may have already seen, Microsoft has just released Office 2016. It looks like a lot of the same, so what’s the difference? What new features have Microsoft brought to the table? Put simply, there isn’t a whole lot different in Office 2016, but some handy new features are sure to improve your workflow. Although relatively minor in functionality, these new features should be enough to have you upgrading to the latest and greatest Office 2016. Here are some of the most notable new features to look out for.

Microsoft Office 2016Charts for Excel

Excel has gotten a much needed update to its chart system. A range of new types have been added to the program, allowing for greater flexibility in both academic and business uses. These new charts are sure to please, and any regular user of Excel should be able to find quick use of them.

Collaboration in Microsoft Office 2016

Central to the new Office is collaboration. In this new edition, Microsoft attempts to rival such platforms as Google Docs, providing seamless and effort live collaboration on documents. No longer do users have to settle for inferior clients to do collaborative work; Office 2016 now supports it fully. This is long overdue, and should greatly increase productivity on shared projects.

Additional Features

The new Office also has a number of smaller, oddball features. These features, such as Data Loss Prevention, are largely technical in nature, and simply contribute to the already well-oiled machine that has been reformed into Office 2016. Overall, while not terribly different from Office 365, Office 2016 adds a number of helpful and necessary tools that many have longed for for years.

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