Microsoft Office 2016 Top 10 Features

The first version of its kind, Microsoft Office 2016 is designed to be compatible with mobile devices and cloud usage. To this end, it comes with a host of interesting and convenient features, which are designed to make it flawless where earlier versions have failed.

Here are the top ten features of the Microsoft Office 2016:

Microsoft Office 2016

1. Prevention of data loss

The security of data is ensured by a number of measures. For starters, the administrator can place restrictions on the files that can be sent to different people while also barring the copy-pasting of data from Office to another application.

Additionally, Outlook, Excel, and Word also come with file-level encryption capabilities to keep your files private.

Where the user does not want Microsoft to access personal. Microsoft Office 2016 offers the Customer Lockbox for storing sensitive documents.


2. Click-to-run features

Microsoft Office 2016 comes with extra and enhanced click-to-run features to save the user time and effort spent downloading supportive applications. Some of the additions include:

  • Enhanced distribution management – ConfigMgr allows for tighter integration
  • Simplified activation management – this is a new feature on Admin Portal meant to allow device activation
  • Flexible update management – this scopes aspects such as updates, bugs, and fixes
  • Improved network traffic management – this comes in handy when using Office with limited bandwidth

These features make it much easier and quicker to manage and update Microsoft Office 2016 as it develops.


3. Query box

Some people do not harness the full potential of Office as they do not know how to utilize the different features therein. To prevent this, Microsoft Office 2016 comes with a “Tell Me Box” conveniently located at the top center of the interface. Here, you can type a question regarding anything – say how to create graphs in excel – and get an instant response with clearly outlined instruction on how to go about it.


4. Sway – a better version of PowerPoint

Microsoft-office-2016-SwayPowerPoint is great for presentation, but it comes with some limitations as it communicates in a linear manner.

Sway, on the other hand. Allows you to organize content in an engaging manner and eventually arrange it as you wish to make it presentable. For instance, you can drag files from online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, OneDrive, and YouTube and drop them into a smartphone or tablet app and even other websites on the internet.

To this end, it comes off as a combination of PowerPoint and OneNote, but with better features of each for the new Microsoft Office 2016


5. Smatter menu options

Saving, opening, and browsing documents is easier in Microsoft Office 2016, thanks to a smarter menu. To start with, attaching files in Outlook is easier, as there is the option of viewing recent files, including those saved recently – this saves the time and effort spent browsing individual files. Additionally, the Open and Save As tabs have been streamlined, making it easier to navigate to local as well as OneDrive directories to save your files.


6. Built-in business intelligence

The Microsoft Power Query is a new feature in excel that makes it easier to interact with your own data as well as third-party data.

With this feature, one can import documents into excel whether structured or unstructured, from diverse resources, including public platforms such as Wikipedia. Furthermore, you can create data visualizations over Big Data and HDInsight using the built-in JSON parser.


7. Easier sharing in Outlook

Attaching documents and other files in Outlook may be somewhat hard and limiting. This is a totally different case scenario with the Outlook 2016, which comes with a drop-down menu that offers you the option of adding files, or sharing links to files stored in your OneDrive, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business account.

What’s more in Microsoft Office 2016, there are three options when it comes to adding an attachment – as a classic attachment, cloud attachment, or embedded attachment.


8. Real-time co-editing in Microsoft WordMicrosoft Office 2016 Word

A feature that already makes it easy for Office users to collaborate on documents, Microsoft says it has incorporated real-time co-editing in the Word application of Microsoft Office 2016. This will make it very easy for teams to collaborate and avoid confusion when working on documents.

However, it is important to note that this feature is only available in Word, and there is no information on when it will be availed on other apps such as Excel.


9. Neater and smarter inbox in Outlook

One knows how hard it can be sifting through hundreds of emails received in Outlook every day. For this reason, Microsoft Office 2016 features a tool called Clutter, which gathers all the low-priority emails and moves them to a folder labeled “Clutter,” leaving your interface looking neat and making it easier and quicker to access and read important mail.


Microsoft Office 2016 - Outlook10. Creating and managing groups in Outlook

When working in groups, it becomes necessary to interact and communicate to achieve progress and avoid confusion. Outlook makes this possible through several measures.

Microsoft Office 2016 has added Office 365 Enterprise Mailboxes, 365 Groups, and Outlook Desktop Groups to Outlook, making it easy to create and manage groups – monitor group activity, manage files and notes stored in OneDrive, and manage conversation history.


Availability and release date

Microsoft Office 2016 is already in use by over 1000 users who are putting it to the test ahead of its official release date. While the giant corporation has not yet given a definite date on when the suite will be officially available, it will be in the autumn of 2015.

However, anyone can begin harnessing the features of the latest version of Office by downloading the preview mode from the official Microsoft website – it is available for Mac and Windows users. If you need more help Contact us today for quick service.