Reasons for Slow WiFi and How to Fix It.

Reasons for Slow WiFi and How to Fix It.

Free ways to fix slow WiFi

We all get frustrated with our phone that moment it takes more than a couple of seconds to open any application. The frustration goes a notch higher when it’s your browser, meaning that your internet connection has gone slow. Before you go online to look for new phones and betray your old model, check out these options that might be responsible for your slow internet.

You’re far away from the router

The most overlooked reason for the slow speed of your internet could be the location of your router. The WiFi usually has a range of about 230 feet but the further you are from the device, the weaker is the connection. Another thing that lowers the speed is the presence of doors and walls in the range of the device.

Therefore, always keep your router in a more central location of the house so that you get uninterrupted signals all the time. Make sure to not keep any large objects on its sides as that can block or weaken its signals.

Your WiFi is around other electronic devices

Most of the electronic devices emit wireless signals of the similar frequency as that of your WiFi, i.e. 2.4 GHz. Therefore, always look out for any other wireless devices that might be on the same line as that of your router. These signals interfere with the ones emitting from your router and thus, give you a slower internet connection.

For example, if your WiFi router is in the same area as that of your cordless phone, you might experience a slower internet connection. Another way to get out of this trouble is to set your router at 5.0 GHz. This frequency rarely interferes with that of any other devices and thus, gives you a smooth connection. However, make sure that your phone supports the same frequency as well.

You’re the victim of a fluctuating network

Depending on the number of people connected to the same router and their online activity, your internet speed could get slow. If anyone’s connected to your router is using the internet for an activity that requires a higher speed, like watching a movie, then your internet could get slower. In order to solve this, you can increase the bandwidth of your router.

This will allow everyone to enjoy a faster internet speed without compromising on their online activity. But if you’re out and using a public WiFi, it’s always a better idea to switch to your mobile data to enjoy a faster speed.

There’s too much cache on your phone

If repositioning your router, changing its frequency or the bandwidth doesn’t improve your speed, your phone’s cache may be responsible. The cache of your phone saves the data from your earlier searches so that the next time the search loads faster.

However, over time, the list keeps getting bigger and thus, makes your connection slower. Therefore, you can clear the cache of your phone manually to get rid of all the previous searches. You can use any trusted cache clearing app on your phone as well. This will clear the space on your phone and improve your internet speed.