Six Reasons Why Seniors Love Smartwatches

Six Reasons Why Seniors Love Smartwatches

Six Reasons Why Seniors Love Smartwatches

Seniors are beginning to love their Smartwatches because of the many uses that they server. Smartwatches are often worn as fashion statements, or worn as hip pieces of technology. But, for senior citizens, they can be genuinely useful and helpful from; medication reminders to receiving important phone calls, from tracking daily activities to alerting loved ones of an emergency.

Here is a sampling of some of the key benefits smartwatches provide senior citizens- which are important in providing independence to aging parents, and valuable peace of mind to caregivers.

The Apple Watch Series 4 can be used to monitor a ECG pattern and other vital signs. While many smartwatches have a built-in accelerometer and heart rate monitor. They can also detect a lack of motion; keep track of weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar. These monitoring systems are very important for senior citizens and create a sense of protection and care.

Smartwatches provide a quick resource to contact emergency services or dismiss the alert. There are various systems and methods that people can utilize to detect falls that instantly triggers an emergency call. But from pressure sensitive floors to infrared cameras, these systems have proven to be unreliable and often expensive.

For seniors who have begun to forgetful, or just do not want to be dependent on notes on paper, a smartwatch offers a wide range of reminders. For example:

  • When it is time to take specific medication.
  • When it is time to eat or drink.
  • When it is time to prepare for an appointment.
  • When it is time to stand up and move.
  • When it is time to get up or go to bed.
  • When it is a holiday and shops may be closed.
  • When a friend has her birthday.

Many seniors own a wearable panic button (worn as jewelry). Unfortunately, many seniors either forget or refuse to wear them. On the other hand, a smartwatch is used for much more than just making emergency calls, so people tend to wear them more often. With a smartwatch, they can talk on the phone, and certainly get accustomed to having a conversation with the caregiver or the emergency support center.

Smartwatches provide the same navigation system as an in-car navigation system. Simply, with a smartwatch, a person can just set their destination and then the will provide instructions on how to get there.  Plus, if the senior does not return home within a certain time frame, the watch can alert a caregiver.

Advanced hearing aids allow the wearer to change the volume and the audio program via a remote control. A smartwatch provides a better experience than hearing aids because it does not stigmatize and as long as the senior is wearing it, the ‘remote control’ (app on the watch) is always within reach and it is much more difficult to misplace.

As more technology devices are being released, and the technology for them improved, we are always on the lookout the search to find new and interesting ways to help our aging seniors. Our goal is to enable all seniors the security and knowledge so they can enjoy this wonderful technology safely.