Solarwinds Acquires LOGICnow

Solarwinds Acquires LOGICnow

You are most likely not aware of the fact that the company, Solarwinds has recently acquired LOGICnow. If you have yet to hear this good news we are proud to be the ones to bring this to your attention. We are currently at the stage of incorporating their products into the N-Central and N-Able family. As a matter of fact LOGICnow’s backup solution is currently available. In the near future we will be releasing the Risk Assessment tool. Our engineers are hard at work updating the software. Fortunately they have an excellent foundation in which to build from. We are all looking forward to its release.Both Security assessments and compliance are crucial components for the well being of each and every business in the current marketplace.

Solarwinds is working diligently in order to ensure that the proper protocols are in place. Our mission is to fully protect the integrity of the business related security systems, and in essence the safety of entire enterprises. We are well aware that security is at the forefront of most business owners’ minds, and Solarwinds is here to take of our distribution network each and every step of the way. Our Risk Assessment tool will enable companies to identify both Application and OS vulnerabilities on their networks. It will also help to identify and provide critical vulnerability data such as:


  • Anyone that has access to sensitive information
  • The cost of a data breach if one should happen to occur
  • Trending vulnerability over time
  • Reporting and Dashboards that are simple for C-level decision makers to easily comprehend
  • Compliance reports for HIPAA, and PCI

This new Risk Assessment tool from Solarwinds is yet another area in which we can provide you a service differentiator that sets us apart from the competition. In addition it will provide you with an additional stream of assurance and stability

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