How can Managed IT Service providers help?

managed-it-service-provider“Managed IT Services” is a broad term used by the IT support industry, used to describe monthly tasks that individuals or business owners should do to maintain their systems. Managed IT Service providers help maintain IT systems, install critical updates, and keep a businesses IT (information technology) systems at a low cost by avoiding disasters through pro-active IT maintenance.

Managed IT Service Providers model

Managed Services model has developed into a much more efficient model rather than having an on-site IT support member, or break-fix solution. Business owners are quickly realizing the benefits of managed IT service providers. Through our Managed Services, and Network Administration, businesses have access to the efficiency of a full time IT support for only a fraction of the cost. We provide help-desk support to be there when you need us. We back-up your computers and devices so that nothing is lost when a disaster strikes. We also make sure that your system is regularly patched and updated. This is very important when preventing malicious software from compromising your data.

We offer many different packages for your business and we find that the best solution is giving you a combination package. Unless every one of your computers is used by a “Power User” or constantly on the machine, a less expensive solution might be best for that machine. We approach each device individually and set you up on the most comprehensive plan at our lowest rate. We are willing to match any other competitor when it comes to other managed IT service providers, so feel free to ask us about that.

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