1. Quick Service

Our professional technicians will answer your computer IT service problem without hesitation, or you will get a call back within 60 minutes. If we don’t respond within 60 minutes, the labor is free.

2. Helpful Customer Service without the Geek Speak!

You will easily be able to get answers to your computer problems and IT support questions by a friendly. Our helpful technicians will not confuse you with technical jargon that is difficult to understand.

3. Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our IT consulting and managed IT services are guaranteed to your satisfaction. Our “Worry-free IT” approach is designed to avoid complications and mishaps.

4. Safe practices that avoid disasters

By following Industry Best Practices we strive to avoid any possibility of disaster. Notes are carefully recorded and our technicians are trained to keep an eye out for warning signs. We will always suggest a solutions that provides optimal results.

5. Keeping you one step ahead

Our technicians and developers are highly refined in problem-solving skills with a strong business orientation in order to provide the best solutions for organizations. We strive to provide our clients with solutions which are superior to competitors.

6. Only paying for what you need and saving money

By staying in close communication with decision makers and project managers we are able to avoid unexpected costs by disaster. When it comes time to replace hardware we will look for special deals and the lowest price. We are able to provide the most affordable solutions to our clients by cross-comparison without sacrificing performance or paying for one minute than expected.

7. Accuracy is Expected

Know that by selecting us for IT consulting and services we value accuracy in every step of the way.

8. Smart Documentation

By implementing strict policies regarding documentation we are able to avoid losing time over misplaced passwords, or configurations. Everything is transparent and recorded.

9. The most qualified employees

ETS hires employees for specific tasks according to individual skills. By having a staff with a very diverse skill set we are able to provide each specific task to the technician with the most experience in that area in order to provide the best results to our clients. Our IT Code of Ethics require our employees to value honesty, professionalism, and confidentiality.

10. Online and Offline solutions to grow your business.

By being a resource for technologies both online and offline we are able to overcome challenges which may hold a business back from their goals. Technology is changing very rapidly today and the right solution may be a question away.

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