Robert McC. Adams Secretary emeritus, Smithsonian Institution

As someone who became under pressure to transition abruptly into  the computer age more than a half-century ago and thenceforth never found time for more than endless little accommodations of micro-learning, I have spent decades in increasingly consequential research-writing, -editing and -organizing across a widening gulf from properly understanding and managing my computers and their increasingly complicated, crisis-ridden output. Erik Nunn is the wise, quick-responding expert who has smoothly risen to every technical challenge to keep me satisfactorily productive into my later eighties.


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Jaalin cheng

“We have been working with Endless Technology Solutions for several years now and he has always addressed our issues as quickly as they come. Their track record is excellent. They resolve 99.9% of the tasks we throw their way, and we have thrown a lot of random problems in front of them. 

They are honest, I know that should be a given, but you’d be surprised once you start working with them. And when I say honest, I mean it in every way. Definitely in the basic sense that they are absolutely trustworthy, but they take responsibility if and when mistakes happen, and make sure to resolve them to our satisfaction.

Second, Erik is very forward thinking. He helped us better systemize our IT setup, and he continues to offer valuable suggestions and guidance for improving our technology.”

-Billion Creations 

Sabrina Maricic

“We called Endless Technology Solution last week because our computers could not connect to the internet. When John, the technician, showed up on-site he was able to resolve the problem in under an hour, and he noticed that some of our computers were infected with Viruses!

Now they are helping us on a regular basis to keep our IT organized. I would recommend them to any friend or co-worker.”

– Maricic Law Firm

Sean Levi

“My experience with this firm has been nothing but excellent… Extremely professional and precise and trouble shooting to a point in which I could not ask for any better advise or service. Pricing also for the service was extremely fair.

-Google Review

Mike Oneil

“I contracted with Erik Nunn with Endless Technology Solutions to fix my PC that had serious performance problems. Erik was on time for our appointment at my house and immediately diagnosed my problem and let me know after reviewing my paperwork that I had a warranty claim. He did not try to add hours for his benefit but made some valuable recommendations for me to pursue to maximize my benefit in getting a new Mac system. He then did my entire set up including modem and router install, apple TV, Ipad, Iphone, Ipod sync, e-mail, system security, program loads and instruction. He is incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of computers and electronics. I will be using Erik for all of my computer and electronic service needs.”

-RSG Roofing


Our IT Services

Many of our clients enjoy working from anywhere they have internet access by utilizing cloud services. Our engineers can help you get connected to the internet when you’re outside of the office, and working on important business matters.

If you are in need of quick technical help around San Diego, or if you need someone to provide hands eyes on-site for your I.T. team you’ve come to the right place. Our local technicians are able to provide same-day professional service and advice.

As companies grow it can be difficult to manage all of the technology that a business has to make sure everyone is working properly. We help businesses with this issue by providing one flat-rate bill, and one place for all of your technology resources.

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