• Monitoring and Managment
  • VOIP Phone Solutions
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Dead zone Free WiFi

Healthcare IT Solutions

Does your infrastructure support your community like you do?

With a top notch network, your healthcare team can rely on a fast secure network anywhere in your community. 

VOIP Solutions

To stay connected with your community we offer voice over internet protocol, known as (VOIP). This service will ensure your staff and residents are connected every step of the way.

  • Add or remove users
  • Personalized extensions
  • Integrated Fax

WiFi Deployment

Weather it be work or play no one likes to loose connection. We guarantee a dead zone free WiFi network so you and your clients can watch, stream, work and play from anywhere.

  • No deadzones
  • Keep everyone connected
  • Secure community wide encryption

Choice of Cloud

Whether you are interested in Azure or AWS, we help identify the right cloud platform for your workload based on cost performance and work space types.

  • Data redundancy
  • Off site backup
  • File sharing and recovery

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