Seven Smart Home Tech Advantages for the Elderly

Seven Smart Home Tech Advantages for the Elderly

Seven Smart Home Tech Advantages for the Elderly

One of its most important capacities technology has is helping us age with dignity. Technology  supports our elderly with connected tech in our home and offices. With smart home tech devices and services like- cameras, intercoms, and the monitoring of our identities and credit, technology is making it safer to live a comfortable life, as we age.

Being able to hear and also be heard by others in your home, without having to move, is a great benefit to the elderly. Utilizing Amazon Household’s Echo’s Announcements feature as an intercom is the perfect way to keep your elderly family members safe and protected. Just say, “Alexa, where is Grandma, and it will be broadcasted on every Echo device in your home.

As we age, bending over, standing and pulling and pushing a vacuum can be difficult task. Vacuums that are voice activated, or on a schedule can be a welcome helper to the elderly. These devices ensure that regular cleaning can still be maintained without stressing, plus the vacuums will reach places some people struggle to clean. There are more than 10 brands of Alexa Enabled Robot Vacuums.

Night time can be scary for our elderly… their vision might be impaired or they could be hard of hearing. With your Amazon Alexa device with a light right (most Echo Devices) you can enable a night light, via voice activation. “Alexa Skill,” in Amazon’s lingo — is enabled on an Echo speaker, offering extra night protection.

The importance of elderly monitoring systems is increasingly prominent. Security cameras for your elderly parents and grandparents from afar anytime on your phone or computer, are needed especially if you don’t live with them. Statistics show that about 28% (12.5 million) of non-institutionalized older persons live alone in the US. Most cell phones and tablets have the ability to connect to cameras.6T

Having a smart lighting control system in your home augments your existing safety and security levels at home. Occupancy sensors can be used to automatically turn lights on when you enter a room and off when you leave. Noon, Philips and Luyton are great systems. These devices can be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Credit Monitoring and Identity theft are genuine concerns for our elderly citizens in the United States. One scary fact- Someone in America becomes a victim of identity theft every two seconds. Seniors are particularly targeted and need to be monitored because seniors are more likely to have real assets set aside and can be quite vulnerable. LifeLock and IdentityForce are two excellent platforms for the elderly.

Hundreds of thousands viruses are alive and well on the internet and new ones are discovered every day, infecting tens of millions of computers. Many senior citizens fall victim to online fraud as well as losing access to their bank accounts. From Norton Security Premium to LifeLock for Seniors, make sure your elderly family members have a strong Internet security suite installed on their devices.

The innovations of smart technology are just beginning to enter our marketplace. The benefits they reap for our elderly and their caregivers are life altering. What smart home devices do most importantly is offer peace of mind for the caregiver and quality of life to our elderly.