mobile device managementMobile Device Management ensures that your mobile device such as smartphone or tablet is secure on your network. Bringing in new devices into your network allows more opportunity for hackers and intrusions to happen. It is very well known that celebrities phones have been compromised. IT companies must prepare for these new threats and the best approach is to protect your device as soon as possible. For many businesses who operate with Android phones it is important to put anti-virus software on it. We recommend ESET mobile device management because it works great with your business network anti-virus protections as well.

How can Mobile Device Management help my business?

When Apple introduced the first iPhone with a multi-touch screen the world of business IT changed. iPads, Android Tablets, and many more devices have followed suite, to allow us a great platform to work with a touchscreen. Along with cloud services you are now able to work anywhere you have internet or a 4G connection. Under Mobile Device management we want to allow business owners and all employees to work wherever they want. With Mobile Device management you can work just as effectively away from the office as in the office. However it is important to be protected and know how hackers access your computer. Here are a few ways:

    • Physical Access to your mobile device – a hacker could install a program or even clone your device. Make sure that you have a secure password on your device, and some remote location software like “Find my iPhone“.
    • Hacking other applications like Facebook, or Twitter – This could compromise your passwords and send out fake information on your profiles. Make sure to have very secure passwords and only your Mobile Device Management advisor know.
    • Impersonating a Tech Advisor – If you do not have a company for mobile device management, it could be easy for a hacker or malicious person to call and get personal information that could compromise security.
    • Spyware – There are mobile applications that can be installed on a device that can track your location, each keystroke, and all your passwords. Make sure you have a goo Anti-Virus protection on your mobile device.
    • Wi-Fi spies – are hackers or malicious people who will setup in public places and hack the network looking for personal information to steal. With a good anti-virus protection on your device this can be prevented.


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