Disaster Recovery Solutions

Because threats, malware and user errors should not affect your business.

Our Approach to Disaster Recovery

We understand that disaster recovery and backup are crucial in operating a business. They need reliable  strategies and careful planning to enable you to recover your critical server and resources.

With numerous backup points like; (Remote, Local, Fail-over Sites, and Hybrid appliances), Endless Technology Solutions ensures that your business and data are safe and available in the event of a disaster.

With quarterly Disaster Recovery testing and around the clock job monitoring, Endless Technology Solutions is able to provide real availability and data security to our partners critical business line of applications.

Off Site Backup

Off site backup to servers secure your workstation and application data, keeping it redundant and safe. Real Backup is encrypted on transit and destination, and there for you to download whenever you need it.

Hybrid Disaster Recovery

Endless Technology Solutions business continuity solution delivers continuous cloud and local connected backups for your critical servers and applications. Your business will be able to quickly recover failed physical and virtual and data.

Reduce Data Loss Risk

Building strong foundations for your business disaster recovery. Endless Technology Solutions provides management, planning and support for your business and disaster recovery needs.