Ransomware is getting worse. Get Protected.

Ransomware is getting worse. Get Protected.

Ever since the dawn of the Internet ‘era’, cyber attacks have been a threat to nations, businesses, and even the average home-user. These attacks can come in all types of forms such as adware, bloatware, keyloggers, and Trojans. Each of these have numerous types and each have specific functions to affect the user. One of cyber-security’s biggest antagonist today is the malware known as Ransomware.

What is Ransomwareransomware

Ransomware simply blocks access to PCs, smart devices, and/or servers and encrypts the data such that the user is unable to access the machines or their data. It can be delivered in many ways, but the most common methods are attaching them to spam emails or infected webpages.

How Ransomware Works

Once the ransomware successfully encrypts a device or server, it prompts the user in various different ways to pay a ransom (hence the name) for a unique passkey that will unlock their files. Ransomware, as of today, is extremely difficult and almost impossible to remove from a device.

The malware takes files and valuable data hostage, threatening users to release sensitive data onto the Internet. Studies have shown that people on average pay 4-5 digit payments to get back their data. Since hackers directly deal with the victim, they are able to quickly and efficiently make money and are capable of pushing millions of computers to pay.

Becoming a Global Cyber Issue

The ever-increasing numbers of ransomware attacks are worrying, and experts say it will not start declining anytime soon. Super hackers are readily selling their ransomware to other hackers, making it easy for any average computer user to launch an attack.

The US and Canada together make up about 44% of the victims of this cyber-attack. Small and medium sized businesses are being heavily targeted since most of them do not have the finances to create/manage backups and other security precautions.

Protecting Yourself

There are three major precautions everyone should take to protect their data and computers from malware. First of all, regularly creating backups of your data onto a protected external drive is critical. This allows you to have backup copies of your data in case something ever goes wrong. Next, updating your software and computer’s operating system is vital. New malware comes out everyday and targets different parts of the operating system or software, and updating keeps the security defenses as up-to date as possible. Lastly, having antivirus software that can actively scan and monitor your devices is paramount as well for maximum security.

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  • Download and install software and operating system updates daily.
  • Backup your data safely and securely.

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