Microsoft Dupes Users Into Windows 10

Microsoft has been anxiously trying to update users to Windows 10. Anyone who has a previous version of Windows such as windows 8.1 or lower has probably noticed the nonstop pop up asking you to upgrade to the latest version of Windows Microsoft has to offer. Carelessly closing out of the box prior to reading it will result in an automatic update to your operating system or OS as the kids call it nowadays.

1. Backstory

Now this is not the first time we have seen Microsoft’s trickery here, when Windows 10 made its debut, new users and Microsoft enthusiasts alike were baffled by its spyware like attributes. If you were not informed Windows 10 would collect keystrokes and data to advertise toward the user so the company could make more money off of ad revenue, Microsoft’s rebuttal was that it was a free OS and the needed to make money. Eventually users found out how to turn most of these features off, but some features still remain locked. With these automatic updates on the rise it has caused many people from home users to big businesses nothing less than confusion or worse a halt in efficiency or even a bricked workstation.

2.  The Problems Induced by Windows 10

Microsoft continues to argue that Windows 10 is a superior OS but the numbers don’t lie, in May of 2016 only 15.34% of all computers ran the “superior” Windows 10, while Windows 7 dominates the market with 48% of computers housing it. Weather it be you like it or not beware of the unfavorable outcomes it might cause. Programs and applications that were developed and intended to run on Windows 7 might have scaling and resolution problems on Windows 10 causing it to look blurry or blocky. Applications that run a 16 bit instruction set may be old, but also may be vital to a business; any 16 bit applications that were previously able to run on the older OS’s will no longer operate in 64 bit Windows 10. Server and home network compatibility issues are also on the rise with problems such as a lack of support bridging different OS’s on the same network together. As of now settings may be altered to reestablish the network between the different operating systems.

3. The Solution

For some users Windows 10 works beautifully with improved drivers, cooler temperatures and less strain on the system itself, but if other users do not find it friendly or easy to use, users can rollback or downgrade to the previous version of Windows the machine had on it under recovery settings if done so in 30 days. Once downgraded there are programs that can be downloaded to block your computer from automatically updating,for now. The two programs are GWX Control Panel and Never10 these will prevent your computer from being upgraded to Windows 10 in the future. Another solution is to turn off updates all together but this will also conclude updates to anything else like bugs, driver issues or security updates. In this point in time users might not be ready so until Windows 10 can gather more support from the community and the user’s Windows 7 will remain at the top. Did I mention that Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) laid off the Programmatic testers and Windows 10 is suffering immensely because of it, and he is also moving other jobs to India?


Business’s shouldn’t be scared of whats running their computer, nor should they constantly worry about what it could be doing. If you or a person you know has upgraded to Windows 10 unwillingly let us know, we can help. To find out more contact us online or call one of our network security specialists at (619) 400-7581.