IT Support During the Holiday Season

IT Support During the Holiday Season

Most companies will start to wind down its operations as we edge ever nearer to the festive season. Christmas is a time when we can mostly breathe a huge sigh of relief in the workplace as we have spent the first hectic three weeks working hard to get ready for a closure during the holiday season, or at the very least a winding down of operations.

[frame align=”left”]santa[/frame]However, IT, computers and the servers that run most of the operations within many industries, do not take a holiday season break. Instead when Microsoft developed its operating systems in the early 1990s, it designed them to run round the clock. Obviously they improved as each operating update was released, but there are still moments when some IT support is required during that Christmas wind down period.

What would happen to key areas of any business if the servers went down on Christmas Eve? How would you be able to offer IT services to the skeleton staff who have diligently and dedicatedly made their way into work whilst the rest of are scoffing our Christmas dinner?

Although unlikely, servers do go down from time to time and the holiday season has often seen its fair share of system down time. The extra work load that most industries are involved in during the lead up to Christmas, means the servers are working overtime. But when that Christmas holiday season arrives and it slows down dramatically, it can often cause a sense of confusion in servers; any IT support technician will verify that.

This is way a good solution for your business would be to supply all IT support staff with an iPhone over the holiday season so they can stay in touch with operations and use the app available on the iOS system to react accordingly. The IT technicians will need more than just a phone, as a call or text message may not be enough. A smartphone is needed so that IT applications can be engaged in the event of a server malfunction during the holiday season. An iPhone will be the ideal smartphone to cater for this.

LogMeIn Ignition is an app that runs on Android, iPhone and iPad is a powerful method to remotely administer your servers and workstations. If this app is on the smartphone of your IT administrators, it can be used to quickly solve an issue from a remote location, even the dinner table where the turkey is being served.

During these holiday seasons make sure that your computer systems are running smoothly with the support of Endless Technology Solutions. We are happy to help, and wish you all Happy Holidays!