How to take a Screenshot: Using the Snipping Tool and Grab

Taking a screen shot is a very valuable tool that business users should know, school users, and even home users can benefit from. A good screen shot allows others to see exactly what you are referencing to on your computer. For IT support and computer technicians this is very valuable because a visual display provides a great amount of valuable information. There are multiple ways to grab a screen shot. We are going to show you how to use shortcuts and tools provided by Windows and Mac designed for screen shots, Snipping Tool and Grab application.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Windows Screenshot

  • Press the Button “Print Screen” on your keyboard, or Alt + Print Screen” to select a specific window.
  • Next open the Paint program by searching in your Start screen or by opening Start -> Accessories -> Paint
  • In the Paint window select Edit at the top of the window and click Paste, or by pressing Ctrl + V.
  • Next you can select File -> Save As, and save the file wherever you choose.

Mac Screenshot

  • Pressing Command + Shift + 3 at the same time. This will save a PNG on your desktop. Rename and save in your desired location


Programs and Applications


Snipping Tool for Windows 

  1. Open the Snipping Tool program
    1. This can be found by searching in your start screen for “Snipping Tool” (You will notice the program come up before you are finished typing)
    2. You can also find this under Start -> Accessories -> Snipping Tool.
  2. Next, by clicking the down arrow next to “New” you have the following options to choose from:
    1. Free Form Snip gives you the option of drawing any shape you choose on the screen by pressing the mouse button down and dragging.
    2. Rectangular Snip allows you to place a rectangle around the selection you wish to have an image of.
    3. Window Snip lets you select the specific window that you wish to capture an image of.
    4. Full-screen Snip will take a screen shot of the entire screen
  3. Once you select the space that you want to take a screen shot of a new window will open up and allow you to click File->Save As to save the file where you like.


Grab for Mac

  1. Open the Grab application
    1. This can be found by searching for “Grab” in your Spotlight or under Applications -> Utlilities
    2. Click the “Capture” tab located at the top of the screen, you will see four options:
      1. Selection is my favorite. Here you can drag a box and select exactly what you want your screen shot to be. This is great for small images and windows.
      2. Window allows you to select the specific application window you have open.
      3. Screen is another valuable tool, once this is selected, click anywhere on the screen and your mouse will be included on the entire screen shot.
      4. Timed Screen gives you a 10 second window of time once you click the mouse button and will get a screen shot of the entire screen.
    3. Once you have selected the screen shot of your choice the image will open up in a new window on your screen and give you the option to save as anything you choose.

Grab Windows

Once you have the image captured and saved you can email it to your IT support for help, and even post it online to share with your friends. The image is available for you to use in anyway.


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