Mobile Adblockers – Are they worth it?

Mobile Adblockers – Are they worth it?

mobile adblockersAdblockers on mobile devices are surprisingly controversial. They block mobile ads which can be hard to exit out of, and send users to undesired websites. When Adblocker Pro launched in the App Store it quickly soared to one of the top downloaded apps in under a week. With all this talk about mobile blockers are they worth it?

Mobile Adblockers Advantages

Adblockers remove all of the adverts and popups that you may encounter while browsing. They do this by blocking certain HTTP and HTTPS requests depending on the source address. In short, adblockers determine what an ad is, or about to show up on your computer and then it prevents the ad from loading.

They can be downloaded – most of them for free – on the App Store. One great bonus about adblockers is that they actually make your browser run faster. On iOS 9, the app 1Blocker speeds up your browser by 61.83%. Also, you will not use so much of your mobile data with an adblocker, as fewer pages are being opened. By implementing these new adblockers for mobile devices completely you will speed up your day-to-day browsing.

Overall, while it may frustrate the advertisers, adblockers are brilliant for speeding up your browsing, and are well worth downloading onto your iOS 9 device. Our team of technicians can figure out how to make your browsing experience smooth. Contact us online or call us at 619-400-7581

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