The Ultimate Business Laptop

The Ultimate Business Laptop

Apple created some very large attention by just becoming the most valuable company of all time. With Apple’s market value of over $623 Billion it is no secret that Apple has made a huge push towards the IT industry. The only issue with Apple and their Mac OSX operating system is that it is not completely compatible with all of the Microsoft programs that many organizations use on a daily basis. Luckily, Endless Technology Solutions has the best IT solution for those business owners and executives that want to bring their personal computer to work and have it work both ways, our Ultimate Business Laptop.

2 Operating Systems, 1 Computer

Win-MacBookApple has allowed Windows Operating Systems to be installed on Mac computers with their application called Boot Camp.  This is a great tool because it allows many business users install and use their Windows programs that are used in the business environment. Boot Camp users are able to use all of the features in Microsoft Windows and works flawlessly with IT systems in the workplace. The only downfall is that files cannot be shared by both Operating systems. With this configuration Boot Camp users can either upload files to a server or onto a flash drive to be transferred over. Because of this Mac users tend to not use the Boot Camp option and Microsoft Operating System. Luckily Endless Technology Solutions has developed a configuration for the Ultimate Business computer to share files between the two operating systems.

Dual Hard Drives

In order to share files between the two Operating Systems, Mac OSX and Windows, a second hard drive, or hard drive partition is the way to go. By installing a second hard drive and storing all of the user and data files on that drive both Operating Systems are able to use the same files. There are many options you can choose from depending on what speed and capacity you would like these drives to be. We have found that by installing both Operating Systems on an SSD Drive, and a traditional hard drive for storage, you are able to both have the speed and capacity for a very large amount of data.


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